Learn to win BTC. Free Step by step

Learn to win BTC. Free Step by step
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Welcome to SafesBitcoin Here you will get information about the coins crypts.

Hello that such today I come with a very interesting and directed article for those people who want to capitalize from scratch in bitcoin and of course also in dollars we will see then what this is about

How to earn more than 300 dollars without investing anything thanks to the Bitcoin

surely many of you will be thinking that it is a somewhat exotic statement but stay in this article and pay attention a few minutes and you will realize that it is truly possible.

For that we will consider some objectives remember that in SafesBitcoin apart from talking about Internet business related to BTC also its mission is to inform people and bring them to the world of crypto coins and go that we are achieving

Many people have learned about this world of the Bitcoin know how to use the BTC very well and know how to do business online with Bitcoin.

That is truly pleasurable for the goals of this blog forum very well the first goal is to publicize the world of life of the Bitcoin for all new people who are entering this blog who are signing that are activating notifications and Which of course they shared this article.

The second objective

is to familiarize you with the Bitcoin transactions many of you will have been offered some time you will have had to send money from one country to another and you will have realized how expensive it is in commissions to send money by the traditional methods that are the Banks and the
Money transfer agencies.

Well with Bitcoin it is possible to make transactions and virtually make them free so let’s get acquainted with our actions in Bitcoin.

The third objective

is to teach to do business with Bitcoin on the Internet.

Many people today are using the crypto currencies to do a lot of business advertising businesses that move thousands
Billions of dollars every day.

So we go here to learn how to do business on the Internet another goal and one of the most important and perhaps for which you are article this fact is thanks to the title that we have placed is to make money with Bitcoin.

So if you are looking to capitalize you get additional income because you are in the right place and you will learn how thanks to the bitcoin you can get that financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

What is the bitcoin

well already gave a brief introduction about what is a crypto currency is not a virtual currency as many think there is much difference between a virtual currency and a currency crypto

well as the bitcoin is a crypto currency based on Computational cryptographic operations that serve to make transactions over the Internet.

the bitcoin today is the currency most used to make transactions over the internet in a way the most interesting the bitcoin transparent appeared in 2009 and from that moment it has given much to talk about and many people have taken advantage of this boom of the bitcoin.

to be able to capitalize and to be able to fix their economic situation and to make many business which today have their experiences and show us the results that have been obtained to today 15 December of the year 2018.

Much a bitcoin a bitcoin cost 3,450.60 dollars with the tendency to rise since we started this year the bitcoin has been with that tendency to rise.

Obviously with a few days of fluctuation where the price has fallen but that is completely healthy and completely normal in a currency crypt

then if we are going to make change for example for mexico’ three thousand four hundred fifty dollars would be approximately 69,831.46 Mexican pesos which is worth only a bitcoin coin

well now let’s quickly look at another aspect I don’t want to not bore you with technical data but it is to give an appetizer of what what’s the bit with the amount of money that moves.

We have to bear in mind the market capitalization of the crypto
coins you are seeing the six most tranzadas coins in the world ranking.

Let me tell you that if you buy one of these coins at this time and hope only to have them stored in your wallet very probably in a few years they will have obtained many gains.

remember the bitcoin in 2009 began using less than a dollar and today worth three thousand four hundred fifty dollars a single currency.

the capital market capitalization 17 billion of dollars are well invested in bitcoin mean support having this coin for something is the pioneer.

It is also the first in the world follow the te deum triple light coin purse and das also have a considerable capitalization.

das for examples in sixth place and is 2 $ 150 million market capitalization,

How to make money with bitcoin

perhaps is the reason by which you enter this blog well because so many ideas have emerged there are many people around the bitcoin and have lately arisen platforms,

ideas have emerged and one of them is the communities of mutual aid this capitalization strategy has been operating for several years,

and guess you’re going to get the financial freedom you’ve both wanted and both look for all of us,

OK grow financial mind will then be the focus of this article and for that there is a very good idea based on mutual help communities catch it so we will be explaining later.

the first step we are going to do is gain free bitcoins so is gentlemen the bitcoin is them can win free without making any investment, so this is a very important point for those people to those young people who are entering this world of the bitcoin.

and they are not prepared or do not have the ability to invest well that I commented that can you start earning your free bitcoin and following the strategy that we recommend here.

very likely in a few months you will be enjoying a very good capital and doing much larger business on the internet thanks to this strategy.

You need to do to win in bitcoin very well then if we are going to start earning free bitcoin already immediately we will see how it is that this is done.

first of all you must have a virtual wallet save those bitcoins where is as if his account of bitcoins so today I am going to recommend two excellent wallets so you can open your account totally free and so they can save their and other crypto coins calls to the coins.

Which means to the Coins

the coin means all existing ways well one of them is this compressed here can store more than 55 to the coin so you will give to begin.

As register in a wallet of bitcoin on Coinbase in this case, first thing to do is to create a password account with your email address and put its time dreams.

then they will give in registration it will send them a link to your email to verify the account and thus they created their account.

then go to your account with your username and password here these are major currencies that are in the ranking that I showed you at the beginning very well let’s bitcoin section here we go to this green button that says options and view our our address of bitcoin which is something like the bank account number of the bank account.

We’re going to give here in options and deposit to receive here because I have created many wallets but you are going to watch just one will give on generating bitcoin address and go to copy this combo of
letters and numbers.

This is your bank account of bitcoin is his bitcoin address and is to it they’ll use you to make them payments towards this purse.

How to use the bitcoin wallet I advise you to use one of these plates if you want bitcoins tell a friend or make a payment, simply go here to your wallet here Let’s options and instead of depositing receive give send withdraw here will show the balance that you have in the account.

for example at this time in this wallet just 0001 bitcoin I have if I want to send to a person as where says address of would put the address of that person.

the target and would put here the value that I want to send in this case by the would send all 10000 satoshi only equal to zero 0 0 1 bitcoin.

We give you in applying for removal in this wallet is handled that it sends a mail to verify that removal is click on that link and go.

We have now sent the bitcoins will see the second wallet I recommend today and is the safest of all web wallets perhaps blogs in the wallet to save what is bitcoin as charge a small fee for each transaction.

Note but as I say it is very safe and highly recommended to create your account in this wallet just go to see you to your wallet and will give where says wallet.

very well when entities within your wallet you will notice that it is very easy to handle for example if we are going to send a deposit of bitcoin paste the address and give send and ready.

We will show who is bitcoin target address how many bitcoins will automatically send it translates to dollars and is the next step in and the rest is to give next.

Here you can also create more purses you are going to give here in configuration we are going to give directions and here we can create more wallets clicking in this part where it says Add and if you want to see the direction of bitcoin.

of each portfolio as simply give in the Manage section and then we give in show addresses used here is OK and now we are going to show the addresses that have been used for this wallet.

How to earn money with step-by-step bitcoin ok once we have our wallet we have our bitcoin address we go to pages to win free bitcoin and the first we have is freeBitcoin.

on this website you the first thing to do of course is to register with your email set up a password.

Bitcoin address will put your bitcoin address remember the combination of letters and numbers that is something like your bank account and is your bitcoin address.

then they solve this Captcha and give you think up to register already registered once we go to logging we work click on login ready.

We will see that there is a kind of lottery and every time we come back to this page each time you visit it will give certain amount of satoshi.

for example, if you are lucky and you leave this number because they will receive 190 dose of bitcoin bitcoin fractions are called saints and in this case are 190, but if you have the chance of winning more usually obviously pay the smallest range because Today it is
free truth.

give to we solve this captcha and give the blue button roll ok got a little close and tells me that he has given me 190 jumps and minimum range and they accumulate.

here at the corner on this balance at this moment I have 169 thousand Saints and nearly 2 dollars earned on this page for free and so you each time look here begins a countdown each.

time can be solve the captcha and earn your free hits to make the withdrawal is necessary to have 32 thousand jumps and I have 169 thousand so I will have to make a retreat is here in we track.

in my profile I have configured bitcoin address is more set it when we go to register for out here is the manual look charge me a certain amount in commissions only 2000 satoshi.

We give you in will track very well done the request for removal this page as always pays me 8 hours after having made the request.

at that time is coming the deposit to my wallet so you just have to wait and me my balance, it has again become zeroes and we will continue working to again collect such data is the beat with present them.

Second page to win bitcoin

another page is much simpler just to use you are registered with your email address or your bitcoin address and then identical is a page type for you.

go here to solve this captcha and give here in clay frick, unlike the previous in this page we can claim our actions and every 20 minutes.

well ignore this here do and here we go to the section where it says have earned 34 santos and then go here to the section where it says its bonds this is to increase gain.

If we have a bonus you will give click it will use and what is this that I increase the gain that gives me every 20 minutes with this bonus.

so at this time we are going to give here in clan and let’s wait 19 minutes to make our next retreat and will be valued higher because I have activated a bonus I recommend always activating the bonus that I’ve shown them.

Third page to win Bitcoin well on the third page also is a page type fawcett on this page will be able to claim each time and look at it accumulates and 241 jumps and is the maximum that we will give then let’s give where it says in by now solve the CAPTCHA.

well we have withdrawn the herds and look at it is as a kind of generator here displayed my address of bitcoin which we configured to register us and here we will see the balance 6.064 satoshi.

whenever you have more than 10000 satoshi page makes them a payment auto all the weekends will update the page and look at that as time passes the events accumulate here.

and can you be back every five minutes, but it is preferable to return every hour and allow to accumulate a larger quantity of satoshi and thus withdraw.

Other ways of earning a Bitcoin

well you’ve seen the first three pages in a very easy to use and very easy to build up our acts and is free here forgot to tell them that they can do the removal provided that they have more than 20000 satoshi.

This different way of winning bitcoin free is seeing ads page provides us for example on this first page that I am presenting to you are going to see ads that last 40 seconds 30 seconds 20 seconds and each notice is going to give.

for example in this announcement will give 216 satoshi of bitcoins here place you an eme as you to multiply it by 1000 would have but it is always best to not confuse us to speak of satoshi as such.

then here would be 216 everyone will see the registration process is very similar, and good on this page you are going to have to give this button that says get started today.

they will fill in this form and ready once created the account to start session then we will see how it works will see an ad.

We look counting down from 20 seconds in the top left corner should expect that time and already they credited us our reward in doses of bitcoin very well because we have seen ad close and we will see in our account.

We go where it says access using user name and let’s see the balance we have at this moment and remember that it is with the micro.

so you have to divide it between 1000 0.55 343 between 1000 here the value of 55,000 satoshi bitcoin approximately 0.6 dollars truth I then have to remove we must have at least 10 thousand bitcoin ketosis so I left and we will give you at home today to make the withdrawal or of those gains.

well simply to click to have generated the request of withdrawal we go down a little bit and here is in pending and here is the date of today.

well now it is taken as 15 December and here we can see the payments I have received that I have ordered from this page with their respective hide and so we see that the transaction was done correctly.

Learn how to gain Btc in btcclicks

We will see the next page of this type is called btcclicks is a legendary pages type pts as well are called to view ads and earn free bitcoin and we’re going to record the process is very similar.

We have to do is click on this button where it says login without app here and we’re going to give in berlin without is going to show us our place here registration form email solve the captcha and give you think up.

and already once started session will here blue ads and so we’ll see ads of different lengths for example let’s see this 10 seconds watched the countdown and as always solve a captcha submit.

and they have accredited us those exact and if we can close the window and is here to update the page and obviously our balance rise well I have 600,000 satoshi approximately 7 dollars of profit worked it because several days I have left to accumulate this balance and Remove.

We’re going to das board we will here we track very well request for removal of profits generated this platform pays the 12 hours of having made the application always has done as well and as I say is the legendary the PTC to win bitcoin free because there is already many years.

and going by the last page type pts to win free bitcoin talk about BIG BTC WIN here to register give click where is think button up and completely identical process.

fill in this data and then we will succeed to log once started meeting here have my name of user and to see ads is here in this tab that says bio ads look my balance 15.391 satoshi.

I will also do a retreat but first let’s see an advertisement that you realize how to pick up this 10 seconds is a click.

also look at starts counting down this page I love because it is very rapid load pretty fast ads gives us cause to resolve ready submit resolved and has been credited to us that balance in bitcoin.

We can close and if we updated the page since this balance to increase the truth go to my account will give you to withdraw to solve the captcha to withdraw and submit.

very well here is made the request is in pending also usually take between 12 and 24 hours to get the payment and here you can watch all the payments that I have received from this page as it will be account it is possible to win free thanks to this type of pages bitcoin.

well Finally I want to recommend this page which is a sister write coin but here we are going to win is what conquered another type of crypto braid also very well-known currency and the same.

button roll and ready to have gained 5.42 with coins have a total of 8 thousand 460 double so I’m going to request a withdrawal go here and give automatic is not instantaneous and we give in we dragon Commission charge me only a double because it’s practically nothing I just win 5 and give in guild sag.

ready approximately in 48 hours but usually arrive within 12 hours comes the deposit to my wallet remember the doctor as another
Crypto currency that is also very tranza well sold very well, and we can sell it on this platform.

either by bitcoin or any other crypto currency and well have a goal to today we will see a bit coin is worth $1050 but the goal is currently meet this amount of bitcoin.

to continue with the strategy and with our goal being to win over thousand dollars without investing anything goal is 0 0005 bitcoin 50 thousand ketosis of bitcoin you are giving account amounting to half dollar.

half dollar for colombia is approximately 1500 pesos and this is the goal that we have to continue with this strategy and so to capitalize on 0 005 bitcoin remember them.

Conclusion if suddenly it charged any Commission or something because it is preferable to meet 0.006 victor by the commissions charged but well clear this goal will continue with the strategy and we are going to support a platform created.

to be used as a community of mutual aid and we are talking about nothing more and nothing less than ptc amp this platform I was promoting it in certain groups with certain acquaintances but obviously needed to make the publication on this blog.

whether to give the known mass or to give the opportunity to all the people who are visitors of this blog, but of course also it is aimed at new people that are looking for information about bitcoins and how to grow financially thanks to the bi tcoin.

Thank you for visiting this blog if you liked East article ask me give 5 stars and share it on your social networks.

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