Learn how to make exchanges between rubles, dollars, Euros or Bitcoin from Payeer.

Learn how to make exchanges between rubles, dollars, Euros or Bitcoin from Payeer.
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As they are very good to all welcome to other posts more for the blog and good as they read in the title today we will simply explain how to make inters how to make exchanges.

Within for the same is an exchange either between rubles dollars dollars or Bitcoin or whatever Blas there are three ways to do it there in 22 different steins in case it serves on the computer.

But hey let’s turn many people also ask me how to add balance within the country or as depositing disks the truth is not difficult is very easy simply upload hierarch locality and there you will click Bitcoin.

They will give you a personalized wallet that means where you are going to have to deposit for example that this portfolio is the one I have to deposit if I want to send Bitcoin I have almost 700,000 bitcoin.

Table of Contents.

Which is the minimum deposit.

How to Exchange Criptomonedas.

How to change dollars for rubles.

As is the Commission in Payeer.

How to switch between currencies and crypto currencies.

How to sell Bitcoin.

How to sell Criptomonedasen generate.

Sales strategy to win.

How to cancel the sale or exchange of currencies or crypto currencies.

Personal point of view.

Final Comclusion and analysis.

Which is the minimum deposit.

Then it tells you that the minimum deposit is 0.00 1 or 100,000 to make sure that there is no problem if you want to deposit rubles or whatever and they will give you the payment processors.

For example high dollars and some other methods but what matters most is seen for example if you want to deposit. You were given to give a personalized address for yourself when the way to make a stain.

If you already have the item of the pages that we have shown on the blog and if you already have rubles there directly you can convert them to dollars in this way I will make of no conversion right now but it is difficult to see how it is done.

How to Exchange Criptomonedas.

You will see Exchange and there are two ways to exchange that is the first automatic in that instantly just do it you can change and the covers in your check and I’ll explain it too.

The first in the first Stein can only be changed between currencies for example between rubles euros or dollars not with Bitcoin if you can make an exchange between anyone.

Let’s explain the first the automatic exchange suppose that you already have rubles but for example suppose that I have hour suppose that I want to change what are dollars I select Payeer dollars and selected country.

You’re going to get a dollar and let’s say I want to give what I know 30 cents for example 0 0 points 30 cents for I have $2 left and I want rubles.

You are going to click on app and is going to do a calculation that says that 30 cents are 17.03 rubles that will give me for those 30 cents which is very easy to do.

This is automatic I’ll make an exchange for example I have 10 dollars with 30 I’m going to change 30 cents for the rubles so they sort of have how it’s done.

How to change dollars for rubles.

You’re going to put your purse number paste it where you ask and obviously you have to be with BTC to read dollars and failures rubles will tell you that you’re going to give 30 cents and you’re going to get 17 points in three items.

Just to remove appear your mail you’re going to put the calcium you send. 23 1 Baja is the one that makes the terms and they will see that I will deduct 30 cents and I will give 17 more rules I will give to exchange.

We wait for it to load. and. It is making the conversion just wait for it to load we will give to confirm wait for it to load and ready.

You must already leave the two dollars bone is rrestaron to 22 m the rest 30 cents and vansimplemente have to stop until you load a seen and means that they are if they are fast instantaneously.

As is the Commission in Payeer.

Only they will charge you a little more commission or is not the same as the charge you directly but good is very fast and very easy to do and the best is that it is instantaneous just wait to load the one that is that I get the seen and then I go To proceed to explain.

It is also very easy to use and then explain everything but I better get the seen that it does not take long to let it loaded.

If the view is out, quickly once you have left the view without exploding and only exchange that you can just go to history and directly you will see that I was arrested two.

Don’t go to think they charge you the 60 cents not just as big had 2.36 spent 30 cents this means that this sent him to the bank and the bank made me this deposit just that’s all you don’t subtract the same amount twice.

How to switch between currencies and crypto currencies.

If you get that are the saint and you see the anonymous but it is directly from the machine where the items are exchanging and good the second way of the session is more for when you have bitcoin.

When you have if when you want when like, in the first you can not change to BTC knowing between currencies itself in you can switch between currencies and crypto currencies.

There are two ways to do it you can go, to the list for example if I have bitcoin and I want to receive rubles only you are going to give in BTC and that is rollers.

You will see the options that have as you see, this is very much over the price of the current Bitcoin is giving a lot less for the price of the bitcoin then if you want the purchase you drop this in the number of discs.

He’s going to give you that amount of rubles that is very less than the normal amount that’s why you get red, so it leaves you as red and because this is well asking for a lot for this amount but the joke is that you make the order not.

How to sell Bitcoin.

Saturate an automatic order that surely you buy it because right now the BTC is at a high price and will continue to rise why people will want to buy hour fabric.

You’re going to offer what you want suppose you added the 100,062 and you’re going to select. From BTS you’re going to click 0.01 and. It tells you that you are going to get 5113 rules for that amount of Bitcoin.

Well that we they are a million would be 100,000 for 100,000 Satoshi will give you what are 511 rubles that depends on you as I say you low but the quiz you will give click there and you will confirm.

Suppose connect I want to buy, I want to buy a typical dollar I want to buy for a dollar of USB for example of dollars and I want to receive bitcoin tells me that I will give this 11447 bitcoin by Pigtail.

That’s what a dollar is worth and you’re just going to click on pay but I’m not going to give because I do not want to realize I have like Elvis with this very high to see to swim very little more I buy.

How to sell Criptomonedasen generate.

When the BTC with this in less in red numbers and buy and sell it when it is in green numbers for example is I could sell my my toshis could sell my bitcoins that are almost 700,000.

For example 0.00 69 and I should give 60 dollars but I will not sell it yet because this I think is going to continue rising a little more and if it starts to go down I sell or good I do not know but good form is very easy to do.

Suppose I want I want to now change what they are rubles let’s say I have 500 rubles, cattle and I want Bitcoin I’m going to give you where you want to tell you how much you’re going to give.

You of the cover and you will give to confirm suppose I will give to click and you will say that if you want to confirm the order once done that you will give it back because we do not want to do.

When you give that order you will get your orders mirror quiz more or less so these are the orders I’ve done will play the ones that come out in X are the orders that I have cancelled because the Bitcóin has continued to rise more.

Sales strategy to win.

You will not sell at a low price because you would not be convenient you can cancel in order suppose you have an order and it turns out that the bitcoin went up a lot of price and you want to cancel the order you’re going to give click, and.

You can come down. To a button that’s the back that means cancel there back to I don’t know how that says something like that more or less of my see if I can make an order.

Now suppose I want to give rubles for 20 dollars suppose I want to give put 20 items I want to receive 34 cents I’m just going to give it, well. It says that the minimum 50 we will give you 50 Rubén I will receive 85 cents.

When you load, will give you to confirm you will come out that the order is already made and wait for it to recharge and you will get your order.

How to cancel the sale or exchange of currencies or crypto currencies.

If you want to cancel it for example I do not want to also cancel I’m going to click on my order number and I’ll give you money I’m going to give the rubles and go down to cancer and the rubles that are going to come out.
Well tells me I can cancel the payment after 5 minutes or the touch for at least five minutes to cancel that order when they have passed the 5 minutes will see the order if still purchased.

Suppose your order has not yet bought it but the peak rose in price you just want to cancel it so you can earn a little more profit down again to that Jane to Currín Stein.

Your order is going to keep coming out so good friends once again when you are your order if you can cancel if your command is already in sight or in x mean X means cancel.

If the order is again we go to record to check that, you get that again you returned the 50 rubles or comes out as if you had returned but simply what you changed.

Final Comclusion and analysis.

The page comes out ref a I do not know what to mean is better than I am told reimbursement that I returned my money because no one had not yet bought and cancel this you can do it with any order you have.

The first option is so you want to add bitcoins just going to click to BTC this will be your portfolio which has to deposit the bitcoins and the minimum of 100,000 to be able to get you correctly.

The second is the first exchange that is the automatic directly you’re going to select what you want to change for example if you have rubles you’re going to select pay rubles and it’s going to put the rubles address and then you’re going to put the dollar sign.

You give pay and, you put the amount if you want to change the peppers rubles. You will do how much they will give you in dollars 500 rubles are 8 points 29 dollars you’re going to do that you’re going to put your purse you’re going to put this address and accept the terms.

Personal point of view.

To exchange all this wait until you get the seen how you dress in the posts and ready and you will have exchanged you puesdes go to history and you deposit automatically and instantly.

The second is with the ruble in the saint that already tells you that you can buy and select what currency you want to give you want to give bitcoin for rubles are going to be the orders or you can make an order that someone buys it.

Descent that New York ‘ twist you’re going to put what you want is to change suppose BTC by items and you will give country and confirm and ready your order will be pending usually you buy it as in two hours or an hour you will get an email to your inbox Whether it’s Gmail or Hotmail.

It will tell you that it is done and you will add what you have sold or what you have bought the best say, for example, among the thousand rubles we invest.

Well more or less so you come out that the order is done correctly you will get a message will tell you by Stein and ready.

That’s all I wanted to show today the exchange is very easy to do it if I did not explain well can repeat to see the posts because there is everything done simple to do continue to work out tasks.

And to finish this posts I wanted to show you how to make the exchange that the truth is a very easy way is not difficult that I will give a like and share this posts with people who can interest you as you and me.

Safes Bitcoin
Safes Bitcoin

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