How to earn totally free rubles step by step in Seobon.

How to earn totally free rubles step by step in Seobon.
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How about guys and welcome to a new article I hope you are very well and because this time I want to talk about a page in which to only see advertising ads can win rubles.

Table of Contents.

Like earning free rubles.

How to register at Seobon.

How to use the extension popper blocker.

Reflection and kompetenciafejlesztõ end of Seobon.

Like earning free rubles.

Well so let’s move on to what would be the features of this page anyway here in this small box you will find a little information about this page as well in its features.

In its state is paying because it prevented proof of payment of this page and in its category we have the item if you click here in rule will find other pages that are also to win rollers if they are the case.

That you want to work other pages the minimum withdrawal of this page is only one ruble and the means of payment that were to pay only to the payer in case you do not have an account in payer you can click here.

In this part the time to pay in Instants has a membership in which they buy a membership we get more gains in terms of the referral part and the display of ads.

It has a level of referrals of a single level where we earn from 5 to 30% commission depending on our membership as I say as only be explaining later the countries concerned.

They are all the world and the language of this page is in Russian but if we use the Google Chrome browser we can translate it into Spanish.

How to register at Seobon.

Well now register only let’s Click here once we are here on the page the most important thing is that we translate to Spanish can be translated into Spanish and then go to each part where it says registration.

In this section we will put your user name an email and a password and then reserve in this case number that comes out here and then give in registration.

It is important that before the registration they place the page in their original language again so that they do not have any problem when registering and then they give to translate once they have already registered.

Then you will send them a confirmation email and they will start section then placed in case the user name when they used for the registration and the password and solves in the shim that the Doctor who exits in login.

Once done that would already be in the word of the page of desires, well one of the recommendations that I have.

They must also install an extension that will help you improve your earnings and have better results when using this website to earn rubles.

How to use the extension popper blocker.

This extension what it does is just this block all those popups because this page opens many popup windows then it is a bit like annoying and that then the extension what will allow us is blocking those types of popups.
When we go to work this page the extension to you will get here add to Google Chrome then you click there add an extension once you have added it will come out.

This extension here in then is going to be so in state off then you click on this button and it will be when it is that is because it is active extension and so can work this much better.

The good page returning to the subject here already to work good translates then the two forms next way we have to work with the following bonus extraction.

Then we go to visual here we will visualize ads that are in the shape of a cutters then only to display the ad we are only going to be receiving and here it takes us to a shortener.
As credit and charge the rubles.

We must make so credited us the rubles that are going to win hope that it is the component second then I will continue, and there the first carrier resolve crisis and me another window do the following and we can see if they translate the page.

say them example that earns an amount of 0 004 rubles and so on continue with others announced having available seems to be a calcium that comes out here.

You then have to click the button and from there they credited again 0.04 roubles and so on with each of the following listings good to the other option we have is showing South ads that is very easy to go us ads.

the news the number of seconds that lasts and how many how many items the amount of products we will give access to displayed simply is clicking any either.

It will no longer another window where where here in this part out a counter once finished that counter solve a captcha number that comes out and ready.

as I said to solve the captcha that numeric not that us out and that would be all we can close the tab and so on we with other ads that we have available.

increase level at Seobon and win more rubles.
in the part that says purchase of privilege that is the part membership as what they had been told at the beginning should start with membership that is a red star.

This is mandatory in the case as and membership will help to earn more will have more to say at the time of work in the ad display.

in the extraction of this bonus or bonus based on any it can be if you buy a yellow star here does not say no it won’t a bonus of that hero of 0 0 0 4 0 15 cents of roubles if it will not increase the value of each ad that go carrying out there among other things.

thus equally blue star just increases the amount of earnings and also another little thing here as by 30 percent that we will win for our reference and in the star of the South does not increase 15 percent.

but this first if we say that we we will buy star yellow for a month the University so it would not have a month must pay 50 rock where requires us all can work them normally.

as well as as I am working it without buying membership in this part that says references will find your referral link which is that you can promote this in any on their website blog or a facebook group or forums to get referred and ga more NAR.

and so may have more gains through its reference to this part will find the banner that is here for comfort if you have a blog or a web site or so also you can share it in forums or facebook group.

Reflection and kompetenciafejlesztõ end of Seobon.

the most important thing here is to place now the background removal we are going to put our address where where we can withdraw, earnings during that go to this part of the setup of your account.

in the part of who says wallet of payer will place your account number of failure and then will give save.
It was now showing him how to remove to remove simply placed the amount of products that wish to withdraw I’ll withdraw 18 rubles and here because as I have my account set up already I withdraw.

here already 18 rollers remove my account who pay State and stays is paying should not I get the payment was a success so arrived to my country’s account then I will open my payment account.

good that I’m here in the account of a day later and since I already have the 18 rubles let’s visualize and here dan 18 items that are tells us the page.

We removed the 18 items that arrived here instantly good guys I hope you liked this article just to say I’d like to ask you that I give 5 stars and share this article with a friend who may be interested.

already going to start winning products with nothing more now I say goodbye and wish you have a great day and see you in another post.

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