How to Apply for a debit card in Bitcoin – Totally FREE.

How to Apply for a debit card in Bitcoin – Totally FREE.
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Hello friends as they are I hope they are very well this is another Blog posts in this article I find my minexpay which is a debit card service.

To transform our Bitcoin into dollars and withdraw it at any cashier in the world where we meet.

Minexpay is from the same company of Minas Coin where previously I uploaded a posts the same in which we can do is taking with the currency of the page or the currency of this company to which is the MNX.

In this case I find myself within my next bank where I am gaining interest in my next over the thousands with which I have had invested within what is this platform and many saw earlier that I started only with 50.

Currently I have a total of 310 and soon and I will pay more Minexcoinalgo a very interesting fact is written currency came to reach a value that exceeded more than the 60 dollars which is a very good option.

For at this time is crypto currency that is at a value of 81 cents we can make a small investment buy this crypto currency and put it this that would make us will serve for us we can buy the cards.

Since these cards are made payment through the MinEx coin with this we can buy our card how are we going to do it? First we’re going to create an account.

Table of Contents.

How to register for free Minexpay.

How to Register in Litecoin.

How to validate our Minexpay account.

Like naming the card.

How to answer the five questions of asset verification.

How to order bitcoin cards.

Bitcoin Card pricing.

Which are the terminal points.

Payments and withdrawals on Bitcoin cards.

What Bitcoin card to buy.

Which card is recommended.

How to earn more MinexCoin.

How to pay for the Bitcoin card.

Points to be taken into account.

How to remove the balance.

How to protect the account.

How to activate the Cryptocurrency card.

How to have more security in the Minexcoin wallet.

Final conclusion.

How to register for free Minexpay.

minexpay. Sign up here

Wallet. Sign up here

How to create the account for the debit card in Bitcoin.

How to Register in Litecoin




Sign up here

they put a username their email and a password.




They will leave the links would be greatly appreciated if you create an account through them, what we do is click on order now and we will send to this section.

Where we will appear the four cards that at this time the company has as you can see are which simply approach and we will be able to debit the bitcoin and we will give the dollars.

In physical we will go down and we will give in ordering card at the moment we give click will send us to the site where we will proceed to register what we are going to do is put an email.

Let’s put a password we will repeat the once more we will fill the captcha rather then confirm and continue.

We will get a verification email with the same as we are going to validate our account and we will be able to enter the moment we do this is already going to be able to logearnos and we will be inside the account.

How to validate our Minexpay account.

After that we are already registered what we are going to proceed is to validate our account how we are going to do it first we will verify.

It is appropriate to upload our documentation in this case upload our identity card or DNI which has to go a scan or a photograph of both the adverse and the reverse of our card.

In the case of persons who use their passports the clear and sharp copy or scan the clear photograph of our passport.

In the case of the address what we can use is the basic service letters in this case we can talk about water light phone or we can use our banking status.

Since there also appears our address and is a document which are receiving to verify the accounts after we are already in our street be verified.

Like naming the card.

What we will proceed is to verify in the ML CFT which corresponds in that we have to validate the information that previously already entered in this case would be the name of the surname and the country in which we find.

Later you will see that there is a part where the name is going to appear that we are going to put to the card that was going to appear the name with which our card will be printed.

In the next part we have to specify what is the country the city the swift code from where we are located and we will put what is our current address of domicile.

Then we will go down and we will put what is our phone number to specify where the example funds come from through the training.

How to answer the five questions of asset verification.

Finally we will have five questions which are asking us if we have to do with political people.

If we are political people or if we work with an organization in this case what we are going to do is put not everything and with this we will be able to validate.

Our account we will be verified and with this we will be able to access to buy what are the cards of Minix page and something very important in the case that you want to buy the cards.

You can do it and then check your Minexpay account but the most important thing would be for you to check your account before you buy the cards.

How to order bitcoin cards.

We will appear four cards of which we can choose to buy must be taken into account that we must calculate or we must see which card is best for us.

Example of debit cards in Bitcoin

In this case that I can recommend are two can be the Minexpay gold or the mine Minexpay Platinum.

Because for these cards to work or are active we have to have within our mine account to issue a fund.

For each of them in this case for these two cards in the case of the gold card we must have within our balance 50mn.

Which we can not move so that our card is validated and we can work or we can make the bitcoin withdrawals to dollars anywhere in the world in the case of the Platinum card.

We within our account we must have what are 200 MNX which we do not deposit and with these we would have verified our account.

Bitcoin Card pricing.

In the case that if we go to costs the standard card 2 MNX and gold costs 5 MNX the Platinum card costs 10 MNX, if the moment we make the purchase or use the link of a person who is not inviting us we are getting a cash back.

In the case of the Gold card we obtain the 0.75 MNX or in the case of the platinum we can get the 1.5 mn x of return to our account as you can see in this case to me and I have returned what is 2.40 and mn of purchases.

That in cards that I make within what is my minexpay and my balance I only have 0.36 MNX of which and I did the shipment first the account then I did the purchase can be made directly to the wallet code that they are going to show.

What do you have to see the card for example between the goal card and the Platinum card there are the following differences example the moment that we throw money at a cashier or ATM we have to pay 1 percent of the envelope the withdrawal we make.

In the case of platinum we only pay 0.5 percent at the time we remove the script occurrences in this case Bitcoin as feed is about the mine coin.

In this this is the feed that has to do about the currency crypt that we are withdrawing.

Which are the terminal points.

We’re going to have to pay off terminal points and this refers if we unite these two items refers to the payments that we must make or that we have to pay to the bank that is giving us the service to be able to make the withdrawal.

They will see where it says that we should pay a film about the amount is about dollars euros 20% or ethereum in this case would be 0.5 percent.

Payments and withdrawals on Bitcoin cards.

We would have to pay us in case we are going to do the withdrawals for example the minimum daily retreat on the golf card is 1000 dollars up to 5000 dollars to be able to make the payment.

In the case of the Platinum card we can withdraw minimum 5000 dollars maximum 100,000 dollars for example we have the points of Zaidín and there are no limits in this case I do the limit and good in this Part I do not know what corresponds this item.

In the case of the Platinum card and we will have a cash back of 0.5 percent at the time we make a payment using our card we have the every lane that is cold at all.

We also have the infinite which has a value of 100 mn x We receive 15 MNX the moment we make a withdrawal at the cashier costs us 0 at the time we are paying 1%.

The points in this case 0 at the zero point in the case of the ES whit which is used for security at the end are all paying 0.5% the minimum required balance is 1000 MNX.

Which we must have frozen our account and the movements we can do is from 20000 dollars to 600,000 dollars.

Using this card for example: We have the wallet by in this case we will not be returned in every transaction we do depending on the amount.

What Bitcoin card to buy.

The Caisse delivery is 0 in my case I chose what is the goal card if it is the one that fits your needs only have to click on select and ready then you can see that the card appears.

Among the cards that are going to buy in this case I bought two bought the standard because of why it is the most economical depending on the use of it.

This case in the standard I do not have to have balance within the account for example I do not know I want to have minexcoin to use the card but the fish at the time of making a transaction will be quite high.

You can see in this case that the minimum withdrawals per day are 200 dollars up to 2000 dollars a card that can be affordable but you have to take into account that the fees are going to be a little higher.

Which card is recommended.

I would recommend that you better go for the Gold Card or Platinum card since these MN x that we will have within our balance will be immovable and in this case we are going to be spent on the case of these cards is something very important.

We must have a balance when it comes to goods coins that we have to have balance in terms of Bitcoin for us to do any of the retreats that we want to do.

We make the purchase we click on this card will appear the card as is the presentation here we will appear a QR code in the case that we are using the purse minexcoin cell.

Example if we go to buy my time disk we will do it in what is livecoin for example here I have livecoin where I can buy mnx at market price then I can send it directly to the account.

To be able to do what is the purchase of each of the cards simply go inside Instabuy is where we will be able to buy the minecoin and then be able to make the payment within the platform Minexpay.

In the case that you want to start to touch this crypto coin can also buy it, in the Blog SafesBitcoin there is a post of how we can start to handle what is my next band.

How to earn more MinexCoin.

For us to win more minexcoin take into account that at this time is written currency is very cheap as I said before exceeded the 60 dollars in a moment and has a history with the services that is implementing is crypto currency.

This company will be able to observe that the mini coin will go up at a fairly good price and we will be able to have profit how we go as we will do first we will go to livecoin in this part we will proceed to make a deposit.

For this we will go to the balance sheets depending on the currency that we have or if we have dollars euros or rubles that we are going to deposit.

How to pay for the Bitcoin card.

are going to go to the depot depends on the service they are using to be able to do so, they will make the deposit in Bitcoin, they can use ethereum among other crypto currencies.

What I do is make the deposit then make exchange and proceed to buy what is the MNX and in this case depending on whether it is deposited or I want to deposit Bitcoin will give you the deposit.

will appear the wallet code and this water sending bitcoins when the Bitcoin is within our account we will proceed and sell this this crypto currency of what is the MNX.

In this case here I see BDC are going to put the acrimony mnx I click here and are going to be within the market of what is the mini score and there are several orders what we do is proceed to buy.

Depending on the amount of Bitcoin you have deposited are going to put the minexcoin that will buy in this case depending on whether they will buy only for the card.

Points to be taken into account.

Take into account that you must buy a little more to be able to pay the fish or if you go to buy Minexcoin to invest within mines Bank simply here they will fill the amount of what you want to buy.

You must take advantage that at this time is fairly economic Bitcoin, you can buy the Toshis and MNX only cost 4,768,168, if they make the purchase will automatically appear in our wallet when we buy them.

How to remove the balance.

We will look like our balance to remove them simply we’re going to go for the balance again we went down in this part we will put the acronym MNX and we will give you click on retirement.

What will appear is the amount of minexcoin that we have in our account the commission that we copper 0.001 in this case corresponds to 100,000 fractions of MNX we will put the amount.

We will put the purse to where we will make the payment for this we are going to the account we will go down and we will copy the code of the purse of minexcoin.

We copy it we go again to livecoin paste it and with this and we will appear the amount in this part that we will appear the user.

The container where you are going to go the hash you will click on Send payment and with this is going to be sent the payment after within a few minutes this card will be added to the list of cards that we have within what is minexcoin.

How to protect the account.

Something very important that I recommend that you use the protection system 12 Efe to protect our accounts because we are here and manage our funds.

We deven you to click on confirm and with this you will be within what is the account of my next world where what they are going to do is make the Bitcoin deposit.

For me to get through the card which is in the other account as in the part where your car is no active diet here we will have to connect our wallet account with our account Minexpay.

What we are going to do is put our email and password with which we are entering what is Minexpay then we will appear as follows in the cards are not yet active.

For example here as it is connected to my account with the other account will be able to observe that we have a pilot card we have the standard card which is purchased.

How to activate the Cryptocurrency card.

in this case the same one that must appear is the one that is inactive if the cards that at that moment have cards appear on cards.

for example I have the mini spice pilot which is inside the platform is also pay platinum I have the standard mini minexpay soon and it makes shine the van to add the minexpay goal card of my nexcoin account.

the list of transactions will appear when they are already enabled, the cards will appear of the movements that are being made in withdrawals of crypto currency.

we have the configuration settings what we are going to do is make the configuration for example of my email which is already verified the currency interface that we are using what we are going to do is choose by default.

How to have more security in the Minexcoin wallet.

in what refers to security here it appears to change the password of this wallet and to enable what is the protection factor which we use the 12, F, A of the application.

As you can see, that is what we must have already created and bought our cards at the moment that the launch of this service is already done.

at this time taking advantage of the fact that the bitcoin lowered itself that lm nx low we have the possibility of first buying the cards verifying our accounts and besides this having the unnecessary mine for us to be able to access this service.

So we can enjoy having our own debit card to withdraw our bitcoin from this account I understand that soon as it affects my net wallet is going to be able to and is going to add what is another crypto currency like the ethereum.

for the moment I have understood that but I tell you that it is mainly going to work with what is bitcoin and ethereum.

Final conclusion:

good friends I hope this information serves all of you take advantage now buy your cards which reaches you take into account the advantages you may have.

Since we are going to be able to use the bitcoin that we have inside our web and be able to use it in a much easier way in any part of the world that we are.

If you liked this post Share it with a friend and give me 5 stars, you can also give a like to this article if you prefer anyway I’ll wait for you in the next article with more interesting facts about cryptocurrencies.

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