Collecting Bitcoins in 14 different ways.

Collecting Bitcoins in 14 different ways.
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Collecting Bitcoins in 14 different ways and get the maximum probecho of this Cryptocurrency without losing your presioso time.

Hello how are and thanks for coming to our Blog today we come to the article of the 14 ways to win Bitcoin remember that this article and all the tools that are going to be delivered you will find in the course of it.

Table of Contents.

The first decentralized currency in the world.

who controls Bitcoin.

How to send money.

Points to consider:

which is trading.

Final conclusion.

Collecting Bitcoins of 14 forms.

  1. Collecting Bitcoins with trading.
  2. Collecting Bitcoins as an advisor or sponsor.
  3. Collecting Bitcoins with loans.
  4. Collecting Bitcoins with signature campaign.
  5. Collecting Bitcoins as a writer.
  6. Collecting Bitcoins mining.
  7. Collecting Bitcoins as Youtuber.
  8. Collecting Bitcoins with Fawcett.
  9. Collecting Bitcoins creating your own Fawcett.
  10. Collecting Bitcoins as payment method.
  11. Collecting Bitcoins with affiliate programs.
  12. Collecting Bitcoins playing in a Casino.
  13. Collecting Bitcoins with dropshiping.
  14. Collecting Bitcoins claiming divices.

The first decentralized currency in the world.

Collecting Bitcoins.

So now if we convince we’re going to talk a little bit of the back ground that is bitcoin quickly because it has value quickly and from one we go to the 14 ways to win crypto coins and bitcoin.

Let’s start in 99 the Nobel laureate Professor Milton Friedman said I believe that the Internet will be one of the main forces to reduce the role of the Government the only thing that is missing to soon be developed is a reliable electronic cash.

Nine years later in 2008, Bitcoin is born and Bitcoin, because it is the first decentralized currency in the world.

who controls Bitcoin.

Coleccionando Bitcoins

Collecting Bitcoins.

No one because the foregoing menet said means that there is no central authority to control it neither a bank nor a government the idea behind Bitcoin was very explosive because it is the first financial asset that no person or government organization could take advantage of Full.

Nor can it take over it in addition the Bitcoin or Blockchange chain is the fundamental technology that supports bitcoin and guarantees the transparency of transactions operations.

They are impossible to manipulate is that so a data fraud is almost completely imposible of Adalah Blockchange or the chain of blocks.

Each transaction can be verified can be verified in real time without a central bank involved and processed with the help of the computing power donated by the users and is punished for carrying out the transactions and generating blocks that form the blockchain.

With the chain of blocks and is rewarded for that in a few words can be summarized and is that those who send send it directly to the recipient and everything goes through blogs and time.

Real and by doing this the miners get one because for the money being able to process that transaction the best receives a small portion as or a gain by securing the chain unlike how it is currently done.

How to send money.

Coleccionando Bitcoins

Collecting Bitcoins.

To send money you have to do it through an exchange through a bank and each one takes a slice is very different the change and additional because you do not have to wait for the time.

That your sight is delayed but is done instantaneously and can be verified without need of such centralization.

It is now from where wine was created by a person or a group of people who gives more data and Nakamoto in 2008 and that changed let’s say the full picture of the world economy.

Because it allowed digital money to exist and has enormous potential to change that current global economic landscape.

Then according to Peter Diamandis founder and president of ex-Spices Foundation he says in his essence bitcoin is a smart coin designed by very advanced engineers.

Eliminating the need for banks gets rid of the credit card rates of currency exchange rates for money transfer rates and reduce the need for attorneys for transactions and everything.

Points to consider:

Coleccionando Bitcoins

Collecting Bitcoins.

The good thing now because it has value that question say that many people do it because we say it was born out of nowhere and nobody understands because it has value and there are five points to consider.

  • The first is that Bitcoin can be made as a medium and can be used as a means of exchange and once can be used as a value store.
  • The second thing is that this is the most important in my concept and is that the supply of Bitcoin is limited has restricted up to 21 million.

I do not know the 21 million of bitcoin and as we know to be deflationary this means that in a moment is going to end and therefore each time increases its price because there is less and more quantity available.

  • True Then when everyone knows me well their value will grow third although it is volatile the bitcoin contains investor legitimacy and wide adoption worldwide logo We don’t do it in the United States.

Or in some Latin American countries if neither in Spanish speaking country but in the whole world also involve Tomás involving more people increase their fourth customers.

  • It should also be mentioned that the current value of Bitcoin is affected by speculative interest although some believe it is a bubble of rising and falling prices is not animal.

Traders is saying that we sell Bitcoin or those who buy Bitcoin we are not discouraged even though it has gone up a lot here has fallen a lot because we trust the technology behind it in the coming future and.

  • Bitcoin will never use fractional reserve banking which means that bitcoin money is only supported by money i.e. it does not have a backup in other currencies.

Collecting Bitcoins of 14 forms.

Now if we go directly to the 14 ways to make money with Bitcoin or to make money with Cryptocurrencys but ants I recommend you investigate.

Remember that you should make your own analysis as a personal recommendation that in this way you will have the security of what you are getting and you can work knowing the risks and the positive aspects of each topic that I show you below.

Collecting Bitcoins with trading.

The first is to do ‘ trading ‘ and ‘ trading ‘ with beat trading with crypto coins but very important eye.

Keep in mind that to make trading need experience or recommendations that learn from the subject have experience not only blindly guided by signs or predictions.

But learn from the topic so that you can predict the trends of prices and thus generate good income.

which is trading.

Coleccionando Bitcoins

Collecting Bitcoins.

Trading is to buy Bitcoin basically when it is cheap and sell it when it is expensive or buy it when it is expensive to bet that it will fall and sell it when it was for you the Calera profit.

The gain for that operation in either of your life or embassy is the gain of training or doing this as I tell you requires experience or it is important that.

At least learn enough of the subject and not only be guided by designed the second is investment in and CEOs investment and SEO is investment in new or initial projects coin or frames initial offers of currency or projects.

Pretend that Amazon, Facebook or any company is taking stock and is raising capital to be able to create your company.

It’s the same but instead of taking action takes brunettes then that’s what makes the two and you are betting that the project in the future will give a very good profit or are not going to become suddenly rich with this.


But or maybe if they have to be very good and have to be very risky but this but this form of investment is very risky.

However it is worthwhile as long as they do their homework to do their homework to investigate well the project behind it.

Because eye see these pounds at 92% of the projects have not even reached the exchange market or are that there are very little projects and CEO successful.

However if they do their homework and do it well they can generate very good income from the first to investigate is the team behind the project experience the previous projects.

Collecting Bitcoins as an advisor or sponsor.

The second are the advisors and the sponsors of that project the third is the idea and its technical implementation is done something outstanding and useful for the community and the fourth is the road map roadmap and plans you have for the near and long term.

You investigate well this can invest well and CEO if they can take great profits the third way is to lend bitcoins in interest that comes the first tool that will give and the described link.

I have an Excel sheet that I recommend that you use the will find the comments or you will find in this link that in this article for 500 more lynch and tools of the world crypto in one place.

If you are 500 links where you can find everyone crypto and here you can find this ready loan page then.

Collecting Bitcoins with loans.

You can make a loan to a friend or on some platform what they should do is lend bitcoin to another person but eye is at high risk because it is not known if they can return them.

Now if I found a serious person you lend them in the victory for you will return to you the Bitcoin with interest that is the third general form.

The best way to lend Bitcoin or any currency is with some guarantee they must give you something to stay with the ASTA you pay so you could have a good guarantee because if you do not pay in the agreed time you can sell and recover or investment.


If you leave something in warranty for the loan you should check if it is worth the balor of the amount of Bitcoin you are providing because if the pressure is equal or less you lose money.

If it is the same because you can not sell at the same price also that you can not profit and no profit any business Crese.

If it is less logically lose your time and money and in the end only end up broken without a penny more to lend and possibly ruined.

Also vedes see the condition of what you get in Agrantia because if it is damaged and can not be repaired or if it can be repaired but expenses surpass what is invested or even lose money and possibly have a great pain of kissing in your hands.

Remember that when something comes out of a store automatically loses its value and unless you have your own store where you can sell it will not get its value but this new.

Collecting Bitcoins with signature campaign.

The fourth way is to organize a signature campaign in Bitcoin what this means you believe in you to do so.

They have to have a daring personal victor or raise company accounts must meet some requirements and be full members to be able to have that signature.

And that way you do campaigns and advertise projects or advertise crypto currencies or advertise any type of ads that may have to generate revenue.

For this but as I say to do so must meet some requirements then for example full members are pears that already have 120 articles published.

In addition you have to have a specific sentence to an additional original content you have to have a weekly or monthly periodic number and this way you can charge for having these ads.

Roughly how much is generated a person who does this about five dollars per hour according to the amount described you are very interesting.

Collecting Bitcoins as a writer.

The fifth form is to be a writer of crypto coins is very similar to the previous one but in this case you can do it in blogs or you can do in different ways or for example.

As I do it through articles and videos then instead of writing you can do it in videos and you can sell this through pages looking for people who write like for example.

Work of work and the other is fever or fiver and on these platforms looking for authors who write and you can write about projects on interviews about analytical articles dedicated to the world of crypto currencies.

And from Idevi bitcoin the sixth form is to sell a product or service that you manage for example develop Web sites to manage online marketing websites to between custody and much more.

By doing this or have to be licit goods do not make things right lights sell a product and sell it in exchange for crypto coins or bitcoin the seventh way is to introduce payments of bitcoins.

In the business that you currently have if you currently have a business liquor clothing any type of business establish the method of payment of Bitcoin or crypto currencies.

Collecting Bitcoins mining.

Undermining Bitcoin is the most common way to win fractions of it and there are thousands of sites that offer the service so you can mine with a payment or for free.

  1. With the free form you can use programs that pay you for the power of processors that your computer has.
  2. With the payment method you can rent a pool that is a system of online processors that allow you for a fee to undermine with the power you pay.


This type of method could damage your computer depending on which huces to undermine the most advisable is to buy specialized equipment for this or rent virtual machines.

Collecting Bitcoins as Youtuber.

It is one of the first ways you use any nobato or experienced in crypto coins and is based on main mind upload videos to YouTube or any other platform explaining how to win Bitcoin in a certain way.

Change you can upload videos and leave affiliate links or send traffic to any blog you have about crypto currencies that is monetized with some form of advertisement or renting some space in it.

To start as YouTuber I recommend that first you report what you will speak well because the success in this platform is based on the quality that fresh to your followers.

You do not have to be an expert but if you must offer content of value and above all real nothing clickbait that only end up giving you bad reputation without a reward or with very few benefits that are not permanent.

Collecting Bitcoins with Fawcett.

The eighth way is to use pools and is the PTC or Web sites pay per click or what you know as Fawcett and is to get into pages like these show Crypto links here are some that are at the end well.

PTC is paid by click or Fawcett and when you get into this you give them click in the U.S. register and click on their ads and begin to generate revenues are little revenue but eye.

Sometimes you have to think well if it’s worth it because you can do it for free and you can be swimming 2 dollars $5 $10 a day for free.

But it is to devote a lot of time and do well if they do well can arrive daily income not much but they are generating and it is very interesting to make money to be giving simply click on ads.

Collecting Bitcoins creating your own Fawcett.

The ninth is to say the evolution of this 10 instead that it depends on the bad translation but it is instead of using Fawcett or of giving clicks.

is to create a page where people can click and you say you win because you are doing say the ads on your page pay people to click on the ads you promote.

Then well interesting the tenth form is let’s say micro jobs that are micro jobs for example do small research or if you are for example programmers scheduling something small or do say.

Small degrees of marketing or small administrative jobs and being paid in crypto currencies for example a page like coin worker can find this kind of micro jobs.

Collecting Bitcoins as payment method.

Believe it or not this method is very also used and is based on paying you some service with Bitcoins this method use radio mostly some stores enn line that accept this type of payment.

But not only stores also have people like entrepreneurs or programmers that allow them to pay with Bitcoin.

If you want to receive payments with bitcoin such as some work and there are many companies that pay in this way and you can use only that most requests several requirements among them is the experience.

But do not be discouraged if you want to resibir payments in Bitcoin just have to create a store online and put the Bitcoin as payment method This is the easiest way with this method and you can promote those products on Facebook Google and more pages advertisers.

To get good sales, the profits depend on how the product is being sold Osea no matter what your store is Nuavea what matters is.

  1. The quality of the products.
  2. Structure of the Web.
  3. That this product is sold in generating.
  4. Competition.
  5. Your marketing plan.

Collecting Bitcoins with affiliate programs.

The eleventh is a promotion of affiliation programs which means this is for example the local the simplest example is.

Finance is one of the biggest exchanges in the world you can have a link of a certain affiliate link is you invited by Asia who is join to this type of program and doing this.

You generate some gains in the case of balance lower the costs of transactions and additional sometimes can win some coins of dancing and PTC.

So by doing this they can do well many people put them aside but it’s worth it and it’s a affiliate program however to do it achieves nascent in a very professional way.

Collecting Bitcoins playing in a Casino.

Playing in a Bitcoin casino or if there are casinos and the betting site squeezes ours where they are on Krypton links you can find it here at the beginning as crypto gambling and in betting of crypto currency.

There are casinos like Bitcoin casino like fortune as pizzas is by betting there they can mine profits the thirteenth mining keep in mind that mining there is physical mining and there is mining in the cloud and you have to investigate a lot but.

You learn a lot about the term on the subject of mining it may be an option for you fourteenth this one does not recommend it then this one will inhabit the it seems to me illegal and of high risk.

Collecting Bitcoins with dropshiping.

This method is based on buying good cheap and sell regular or expensive, on some pages that sell products at very low prices and accept payment with Cryptocurrencys as Bitcoin what you should do is see the price of that products in large stores like Amazon or Ebay.

And then if it is profitable to sell in one of those stores the advantage is that if many people look for that product and you get it at low price you only have to publish it and buy it only when a customer buys you octeniendo your profit instantly.

Also you will not have to bother to have that product in your house or packaging and the best is that the traffic only depends that the product is selling or not because these stores have billions of users who buy many things every day.

Things you should take into account.

  1. The commissions of the marketplace you use.
  2. The Final price of the product when you buy it.
  3. The competition’s accuracy.
  4. The amount of people who are buying the product.

Collecting Bitcoins claiming divices.

It would be the 14th finale of this page and it’s claiming Bitcoin holders and air drops that’s a bad translation means claiming Bitcoin forks the bitcoin divisions for divisions of different crypto currencies and air drops or say.

The programs that make the coins to distribute coins for example a currency you want to make known then you have to be able to show it to everyone or make a reading or.

Writing about the currency or sharing it on social networks and doing that you claim.

Have fun and are earning free coins you can buy a lot of Bitcoin and for example if you know that Bitcoin is going to be split into Bitcoin gold Bitcoin diamond or any.

That’s because it divides from being stay with the bitcoins three they bought and additional has the other bitcoin is a bet on the bots.

From this way it is an additional way of how to win and it is would be the 14th the fourteenth way to generate revenue with Bitcoin and concrete coins and good.

Final conclusion.

With this we have finished here a small image showing the great high profitability low profitability is strong under effort and high effort.

If you see there is high effort and high probability are these true and it is to learn to do this in a suitable way ready.

Well I leave them then you know these links are more than 500 links for you to know everyone crypto additional to have in a video explaining the say of this excel sheet and also have this article.

That I leave them to see what they are going to watch here at the end of the article that are 10 things you should know about Bitcoin and when we are finished the 14 ways to win crypto coins and bitcoin for-2019

Thank you very much remember to share remember to give like and remember to activate the Notificasiones and finally if you want to do on the Blog some article can suggest on YouTube and here in the comments.

That they do very well if they know in some other way also put the comments and we are not seeing happy day.

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