Coinbase no longer believes in Bitcoin-2019

Coinbase no longer believes in Bitcoin-2019
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Coinbase bets on another virtual currency and bets on the Ethereum.

Will the trend of the Bitcoin virtual currency disappear? Coinbase, a well-known Bitcoin platform created in 2012, which used to be around Bitcoin, but now seems no longer advocating bitcoin.

The official Twitter account profile of the company even reserved the right to take the word “bitcoin ” the official Twitter account for Coinbase originally introduced its own information.

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin.

Coinbase is the most convenient way to buy Bitcoin), but earlier this week, it was changed to “Our burritos was to create an open financial system for the world.

Although only a few words of change, but the importance of his representative is very important. It may represent the distrust that the Bitcoin system fear of not being able to deal with large volumes of transactions, and the recent emergence of a Bitcoin rival, the Ethereum virtual Money network, may have had a chance to replace Bitcoin.

Ethereum is the future of Virtual currency.

Coinbase, the founder of Fred Ehrsam, published a long article in 24 personal blog that say that Ethereum is the future of virtual currency and explains why Coinbase will support Asta less than a year to Ethereum.

Although nothing has been proven, but it is growing rapidly, with a leadership team of better and greater attention from the developer. Perhaps advanced people have many challenges to overcome, but now maybe they can be overcome. ?


Coinbase’s voice carrier also confirmed the company’s direction of change, “Coinbase now also supports Ethereum, apart from bitcoin ” that for a “Digital asset company is a great avanse.


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