Bitcoin Security as Applied – 2019

Bitcoin Security as Applied – 2019
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Bitcoin security applied to take care of your accounts or cryptocurrency wallets in the network without dying in the attempt.

Hello Welcome to a new article of safes Bitcoin today we will show you how you can add more security to your bitcoins.

In the article how to use bitcoin that is in the menu of Mavega we have explained how you can start using bitcoin creating an online wallet.

We want you to have the best information possible to improve the security of your bitcoins if you keep your Bitcoins in an online wallet it is important that the password you use is as safe as possible.

To do this you must have a minimum of 13 characters the more the better and include a combination of small uppercase letters numbers and signs as of questions or admiration in addition.

Uses the double-authentication factor.

Whenever your wallet allows you to use a double-authentication factor that is a code that arrives to your cell phone or a secondary email which you must enter in addition to the password to access your wallet.

Securing this way that even if your password was hacked is several times more difficult your intruder access your wallet usually can do it from the configuration of it with security inside your ticket.

What are the deterministic wallets?

Another way to add security to the use of your bitcoins is by using a wallet deterministic which allows you to generate different public addresses whose funds are accessible with a single private key.

This makes it much harder to track the wallet history Some like armor and electro my Silió green address on the world the latter only on web audio.

They let you create a wallet deterministic another way to keep your Bitcoin safer is to use a paper wallet or paperworld sites like blogs and dot info and others allow you to make a backup of your wallet on a paper.

What is useful and allows you to control your bitcoins even if there is a problem with the site that provides your wallet online in this case we recommend that you keep the paper wallet in a safe place.

Choose your Bitcoin wallet

Use wallets without Internet connection.

If you want more security should know that there are wallets that you can download on your PC and which provide security because the private keys are not exposed to the Internet.

Some of the best known are the bitcoin word electron software and now also armor and you can do in a pendrive in the cloud or even in a paper wallet The only thing you have to be aware that in the case of these wallets the storage of private keys You’re completely in charge.

So if something happens to your computer and you don’t take good care of the backup you will lose your filter forever finally there are bitcoins storage devices called hardware words.

Precisely because they are physical units similar to a pendrive and that store your private keys without putting them on the internet.


Some as three hours combine the latest security systems included which is a wallet deterministic the only downside is that its price of more than 100 dollars is not available to everyone.
More recently companies like my psyllium and trees have created more economical devices all include backup items that ensure that you do not lose your bitcoins even if you lose or steal the device.

Conclusion Final.

Bitcoin is the first and only system that allows you to be your own bank and manage your money 24 hours from the comfort of your computer website or cell phone learn how to use it safely and will give you peace of mind.

That you have been useful this article and remember that you can find them in our social networks as times is @safesbitcoin and until the next

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