Best Bitcoin Wallet for Free

Best Bitcoin Wallet for Free
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Best Bitcoin wallet for free here at Safes Bitcoin today you will learn how to use uphold one of the best critomonedas wallets.

Hello once more and welcome to the Blog today I want to share how to load a wallet or rather a wallet Cryptocurrencies.

This wallet is highly recommended because we can save our Cryptocurrencies in a very safe and has an application to control them by a cell phone.

It also has a cryptocurrency exchanger of shapes exchange for different kinds of crypto currencies.

How to register at uphold.

Best Bitcoin Wallet

To register is very simple just go to the form that and fill with our data to register not only an email and a password also put the type of account.

put a password an email and if you do not have a company I suggest you choose individual since the company form is much more complicated.

Choose a username and let it continue.
Now enter your emailt

Enter your email and a message appears, just click on Get started
Here you put your number and they will send you a message that will ask you to install an application called Authy after installing it, put your number in the app and a personal email and it will give you the verification code.

For example personal or by a company place your country they accept to continue and after this the notification their mail to confirm to sign in.

Then we will log in put your data your username your email and password.

As you can see on our home page when we enter here it will tell us the available jump that we have here also shows us the control Panel.


Also if you want you can install the expansion of Authy for google crome by clicking here

more information on the subject here

We can also make the settings how these cards work that you will see that I have several currency pairs like the bitcoin.

These are up to the cards you have and we show the balance of dollars in Ethereum a Litecoin or in euro and other currency pairs we can add more badge and adding cards and we can put the different name.

If we want the Argentinian or Australian peso so on any for the other pair of currencies that want to have who will also show the card we have.

How to exchange between crypto currencies.

To exchange is very simple we can only see at least if we have balances in dollars and we want to transfer that balance to any of the Criptomonedas either Litecoin ethereum we will only transfer between cards.

transfer between cards

Place to the card you are going to transfer at least is on the dollar card we will transfer the amount if you want but at least you must have 10 USA and 10 dollars transfer and you will be shown the change.

This will not give the current price of the current price that is in the currency that follow and then they will appear a message and give to confirm and transfer.

would be to exchange to the expense which is to done which will be shown to you later.

How to send Cryptocurrencies.

To send is very simple if we have Criptomonedas and we want to send another person or member for we can send to a member of the page if you have the same word portfolio.

here are the default cards

We can send but keep in mind that you deduct and a percentage of your balance if you send it also could last hours and hours to be perform correctly in our account.

If we have Bitcoin and we want to send you use sell we will charge the Exchange Commission plus the Shipping Commission at least if we want to send it to another Bitcoin portfolio or to another person or purse that you upload.

They place or address of wallet in the portfolios and in the URL of the portfolio then the quantity of Bitcoin that remains to put send and when it leaves the message give to confirm.

If you have the two-step factor you have to solve two steps in order to send the coin and it will be shipped normally.

How to add funds to uphold.

We can add funds we go here and choose the kind of crypto currency as we want to add the fund can be a United States bank account and another IFC-financed bank.

adding funds to your account
Use your bank account in the United States.
Fill in your bank details to add funds.

You can use a credit or debit card or we can change and we can also add funds by Criptomonedas.

Just put your wallet address to which they have to copy and paste it in the direction of where they can send to another purse with this address and you can receive your types of crypto currencies.

How to send direct.

To make a direct shipment we go to the generator and then to the address copy and paste it give you to confirm with the steps already before and the balance will arrive in Bitcoin.

Here is a brief explanation so you understand better.

If you are sending them they will do the conversion and you will deposit in Bitcoin can be very good this wallet I love and you can move the activities that has been done as you can see your removal activity shipping and everything.

As I can see my balance.

Here they are reflected all the balances and the outstanding balance is by themselves are making a shipment to someone what it does is that will be reflected as pending and that balance will not be available till you have the total of all the portfolios.

You can also move the activities and can use the applications at least serious this is a browser that is associated with the task I put a goal that gives them a Criptomoneda called pack.

Final conclusion.

For this you only have to be registered with this application and link it to the account if you want you can move balance between both platforms.

You will be interested in the balance that one has in a hall so it is very good and advisable to use both.

That was all I hope you liked do not forget to subscribe to the Blog-safes Bitcoin See you to a next article.

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Junior Alexis Ramirez

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