3 tips You should know before investing in Cryptocurrency.

3 tips You should know before investing in Cryptocurrency.
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                             Table of Contents.

1. How to invest cryptocurrency.

2. The most important thing before investing.

3. How to take the losses.

4. Conclusion.

How to invest cryptocurrency.

The advice that only I usually give is that it takes 5 or 6 even 8 fifths of coins but that go only to the crypto most important currencies really is like very general but I do not know if you want to do something some comment study there are many courses.

I myself am myself teaching in one of the courses here in Caracas best known to be here do not listen to investment advisors if they are not internal advisors but if they orient themselves with financial advisors.

The most important thing before investing.

The important thing is that we believe that it is a thing of I’m going to get in tomorrow because this is growing is a very common emotional error and this is not to do with emotions if not with the head.

That I wanted to ask also what is the role of emotions in trading specifically because you see a very volatile market people tend not to be very rational that in the end is part of what causes the same volatility.

What I like that he says the market may be irrational longer than you can be solvent the market you can be and relate more.

That because one can be solvent because the mass is usually moved by emotion trader who is dedicated to being a trader and has to learn to control his own emotions and make decisions based on analysis and based on the study and his knowledge.

But not to emotions has to have a good stomach because all that you have to understand a really cold emotions to understand when you are losing and not run the stop stop the bleeding when you have to stop the bleeding.

How to take the losses.

Take the losses when you have to take the losses but also orient the bulk of the operations towards the profits is a little complicated but basically it is self-discipline if you achieve that and apply the risk management as it is in trading and Trading techniques correctly.

Well you probably go to stall that if you never look at the good I said earlier there is never anyone who wins them all and in trading and in life can not because one can expect the exception.

At some point going to have falls at some point will have a strong fall in the market you’re going to go wrong and you’re going to go wrong big and that’s not to say it will be a bad trade.


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